Shipping & Delivery

Shipping & Delivery

Worldwide Delivery

ElectroBest shipments are made from China. We offer worldwide shipping which means you can place the order on our website and we will deliver it to you, whatever country you are in. We offer two delivery options (with some exceptions): Regular Mail through National Post Office Service and Express Shipping through DHL (courier).

After the payment has been confirmed, we make an effort to ship the order on the same or the next business day (excludes weekends, promotional periods, national holidays in our country and unexpected busy periods). Though we keep 95% of our catalog in our inventory, certain products need to be sourced directly from the manufacturer and that fact might delay your order. In any of the cases, we will inform you about it. Please note if an order is placed after 1 PM (Western European Time Zone UTC+00:00) on Friday it will likely not be dispatched before Monday/Tuesday.

If any concerns would arise regarding the order (delay in dispatch, incorrect delivery address, product specification, out-of-stock products, etc.), we will contact the client by e-mail. The order will not be proceded until we receive an answer or until a certain amount of time will not pass. If no answer is received, the order will be canceled and its payment reimbursed to the client. To get more details, please check How to Order? section.

Orders will be sent to the delivery address that you have submitted in your order form. Please remember that if you choose delivery fulfilled with National Post Office Service – it is often that you will have to collect your parcel at the post office. Unfortunately, this does not depend on us and it is customer’s responsibility to check if post office delivers parcels to the hand.

We cannot be held responsible if the delivery address is incorrect or it was corrected after the dispatch was made. If you want to change/correct the shipping address please check our How to order? or FAQ sections.

Delivery Price & Time


As every order is unique, shipping costs vary depending on the chosen delivery method, weight, and destination of your order. The best way to get the information about the price of delivery is to add the product(s) you want to purchase to the bag and proceed to checkout. Here, choosing the delivery option and indicating your address, the delivery price will be automatically updated and visible.

Please note that, if you will want to edit your order or add more products to it (possible only if your order was not dispatched yet) – the delivery price might change.

Please remember that in case of free delivery you still have to choose, which type of delivery you want us to use in case of your order!

At ElectroBest, all shipping materials (boxes, labels, tape, bubble wrap) are included in shipping cost. Please note that handling fee is an amount charged to a customer on top of the order subtotal and shipping cost to cover any additional expenses related to order fulfillment. Handling fee might be charged by an external entity like DHL (regardless of the import tax imposed) in case of carrying all clearance process, as well as in case of stocking and keeping the parcel in inventory. Any rate is not applied or reverts to ElectroBest. We cannot know in advance whether this process will happen or not so we cannot warn you when you place an order.


Delivery time depends on the destination country. At the Checkout page, after choosing the country that you want your order to be shipped to, the delivery time will be automatically updated and visible. Below you can see exemplary times needed to deliver an order to some countries.

Destination Regular Mail via National Post Office Service Express Delivery via DHL
European Union countries 3-9 work days 1-4 work days
USA NOT AVAILABLE 2-5 work days
Australia & New Zealand 10-15 work days 3-6 work days
Brazil 7-30 work days NOT AVAILABLE
South Africa 25-35 work days 2-5 work days
United Arab Emirates 3-9 work days 2-5 work days
Mexico 15-30 work days NOT AVAILABLE

* Please keep in mind that delivery time should be used as a guide only and that it is counted from the moment of dispatch. ElectroBest cannot take responsibility for delays caused by customs clearance, lack of documentation, issues independent of us and busy periods.

Some countries have tightened customs restrictions on import shipments, which can lead to delays in delivery.

WARNING: The client cannot choose a specific delivery time, because deliveries are conditioned by the routes defined by the transport service on the respective delivery date.

In case of choosing Regular Mail – if after indicated delivery time, your order won’t be delivered – you might have to check if it is not waiting to be collected in your local post office. In such case, postmen should leave the notification about it in your mailbox but as we know from our experience, most of the times, they do not. You will then need to go to your local post office and pick up the parcel by yourself. There is a different pick-up deadline, depending on the destination country. To be able to pick up the order, you will be required to present the notification left at the delivery address or/and parcel/tracking number, as well as your ID document. If the order is not collected within pick-up deadline, it will be eventually returned to ElectroBest.

Order Tracking

After placing an order, you will receive an email from us containing all the details of your purchase. If you did not receive an e-mail with tracking information please remember to check your SPAM folder, as your mail server might forward it there.

After your order is dispatched, you will receive another email containing shipping details, like tracking number, expected delivery date, link for tracking website and any other additional information.

In case of choosing Express Shipping through DHL (courier), you can track your order:

by copying the tracking number and pasting it on tracking website, here
or just by clicking the link we provide in shipping confirmation e-mail.
In case of choosing Regular Mail through National Post Office Service, tracking availability depends on destination country. If there is “No tracking” information visible on the checkout page it means that national postal service of your country doesn’t provide any tracking information on the parcels we send. It means we cannot know where the parcel is and if it was delivered to you or no. We have no control over it and unfortunately, we cannot change it. You might be able to track parcels sent from another country but parcels sent from ours won’t be trackable. This is why the last status you can see on the tracking website of our country’s (China) post office is “International Dispatch”– this means that it has left our country. That means that you are always able to confirm the dispatch of your order:

by copying the tracking number and pasting it on tracking website, here
or just by clicking the link we provide in shipping confirmation email.
If there is full tracking available, you can check its status in the website above, in the destination country’s post office tracking website (link to which you will find in confirmation email) or in one of global package tracking platforms like 17track for example.

It is possible that at the time the shipping confirmation email is sent to the client, attempting to track the order online does not yet provide any results. It may take some time after receiving the shipping confirmation e-mail for any tracking status to appear on the tracking website.

Duties & Taxes

Depending on your delivery country, different taxation rules and additional charges may apply. If you are shipping items to a country that does not belong to European Union (check here which countries are European Union members), you may need to pay import duties and taxes (including VAT) upon receipt of the products.

In case of Express Shipping through DHL: We will always try to notify you during the checkout process if additional fees will be charged upon receipt of the products. On the Checkout page, after choosing shipping country – proper warning regarding duties & taxes will appear.

In case of Regular Mail through National Post Office Service: For countries outside the European Union, orders can be randomly selected for scanning by the customs office. Most of the items are not taxed, however, packages can be randomly selected for inspection. This review may result in the taxation of goods and delay in delivery. The fee is the responsibility of the Customs of the destination country. Any rate is not applied or reverts to ElectroBest. We cannot know in advance whether this process will happen or not so we cannot warn you when you place an order. If this happens, you will be contacted to pay the taxes. If you refuse to do so, your order will return to us.

We recommend that you contact your local customs office for more information as customs policies and practices vary widely from country to country. We have no control over these charges and that is why we cannot advise on their exact amount. You will be responsible for payment of additional fees, as the price you pay to ElectroBest will exclude all relevant import duties and taxes. As the recipient of the order, you must pay them directly to the carrier to release your order from customs. Please contact your local customs office for further information before placing your order. We fulfill orders from our clients, believing that, at the moment of purchase, they have all the necessary information regarding the import taxation and regulations of their country.